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Working closely with likeminded organizations: Soccer Shots, US Soccer Foundation: Passback.

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What is Beyond Boundaries Academy?

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What does Beyond Boundaries Academy do?

All of its participants are committed to donating sustainable soccer academies to developing communities. Watch this video to see what we do and find out how your contributions affect communities affect kids and entire communities.

  • Founder: JoBen Barkey

    Raised until the age of 18 in the jungle of the amazon rainforest, soccer was often a bridge over cultural and language barriers for JoBen…

  • Founder: Seth McKennon

    Adopted from South America, Seth feels a deep connection to international communities. His passion for soccer is his platform for giving back to these communities that he feels so connected to…


    The academy donated in April 2012 had already been recognized by January 2013 as the premier academy in the region. Winning the: NATIONAL AWARD for 2012 (which is given annually to the business that dominates its category in the Peruvian Amazon). The national polling firm also named the director as the Top Technical Director in the region.